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Las Caldas by Blau hotels in Asturias

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Las Caldas by Blau hotels | Asturias

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If your passion is sport and active tourism, then we present the hotel Las Caldas , the perfect place from which to enjoy unforgettable experiences surrounded by nature, while also dedicating some time to spa and sports activities for your personal well-being.

In wonderful natural surroundings, located just 8 kilometres from Oviedo, the hotel Las Caldas gets better with every visit. This is a hotel with modern facilities that is part of the Las Caldas Villa Termal by blau hotels complex, the best sports, active tourism and spa resort in Spain, which opened in 2011.

Both the inside and the surroundings of this hotel makes it a great holiday experience. Inside you can enjoy a hotel focused on your personal care. Its Wellness & Beauty Area are the perfect places to recover with treatments designed especially for you, while in the Aquaxana Ecothermal Centre give yourself over to the pleasure of relaxation in water, with light and sound equipped with bubble beds, active pools, heated sun loungers, a panoramic sauna and a Turkish bath which can be enjoyed night and day.

The Las Caldas is perfect for sports enthusiasts: 400 m² of state-of-the-art spaces with 4 different areas (Cardiovascular, Bodybuilding and toning, Proprioception and Flexibility). From the hotel you can enjoy numerous running routes through the beautiful surroundings, as well as up to 25 road and mountain cycling routes if that is your preferred sport. We also have a bike friendly service that will help you discover the beautiful landscape of Asturias.

Combine health and sports in the perfect trip at hotel Las Caldas. Book your holiday on the blau hotels official website. We look forward to your arrival!

The hotel <strong>Las Caldas</strong> boasts a thousand and one fascinating proposals for you to discover. The delights of this unique accommodation can be found within the gardens, the comfortable rooms and the first class facilities.

Las Caldas by Blau hotels | Asturias

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