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It is likely that the monks Máximo and Fromestano would have never imagined that the human settlement they founded around the church dedicated to San Vicente would become a symbol of Romanesque art and the capital of Asturias.

Oviedo never disappoints those who come to visit, enjoy the pleasant surroundings that makes the modern city what it is today. Walk peacefully through the clean streets, squares and parks of Oviedo and fall in love with the city.

With a unique character, in Oviedo it is essential to visit the Church of San Julián de los Prados, the Cathedral Square, San Francisco Park and the Campoamor Theatre. Furthermore, it is necessary to set aside some time to enjoy the cider and typical Asturian dishes in the vibrant Calle Gascona. There are countless ways to discover the city. Oviedo is also synonymous with active tourism, sports, wellness and personal care, The senda del Oso, Mount Naranco, the sculptures of Oviedo and Las Caldas, the spa of Asturias.

Blau Hotels for Holidays encourages you to come and enjoy the best wellness, sport and spa resort in Spain.

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