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Discover a selection of unique hotels in Sardinia designed just for you in this truly unique destination.

A favourite for celebrities from all over the world, Sardinia's relationship with nature forms the essence of this island. If you want to fall in love with the Mediterranean, then Sardinia is the place. A paradise for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest.

Sardinia makes you feel emotions as natural as they are powerful. Here you will find places of great natural beauty such as the spectacular red rocks of Lido de Orri, culture and nature in the Bellavista Parco Naturalistico e Faunistico, panoramic views, beautiful beaches such as Cala Moresca, Cala Frailis or Basaùra and amazing gastronomy with traditional delicacies such as: porcheddu, fregola, malloreddus and the pane caratsau.

The blau hotels in Sardinia are the best places to stay for those who are looking to enjoy every minute of their holiday. Enjoy all the exclusive proposals in the blau Monte Turri and blau Cala Moresca and this special island.

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